Cooking With Gas Episode 5

If you don’t already know, Cooking With Gas is a webisode series this year featuring Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa. I was invited to cruise up and shred with these guys in Tahoe a few weeks ago. Got to say it was one of the most fun trips I’ve had all year. Nothing like slushy spring shredding with and icon like Eero as well as Mark McMorris and Teo Konttinen.

WSC 2012

Im gonna have to say that last week in Oslo, Norway was the most fun snowboard trip I’ve been on. All the traveling was well worth the 9 days I got to spend with some of my best friends cruising the town of Oslo, riding an amazing halfpipe, sending a deadly quarterpipe, partying, raging at concerts, and paying 15 dollars a piece for drinks. However, halfway through the week I discovered that the eager women will actually pay for your drinks if you ask them. Winning. 

Walking around we saw alot of pretty cool graffiti.

Guiness and Irish Coffee with Broc and Greg to stay warm. 

Greg and I getting ready for QP practice. 

The QP was held at Holmenkollen just outside of Oslo, pretty insane drop in. Terje obviously wants somebody to go 10 meters. 

QP view from the top. By the end of the night the arena pretty much filled up. It was a cool feeling dropping into that 10 meter wall with thousands of people screaming at you. 

Got to meet and have dinner with the mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, at city hall. What a bad ass name.And a party house it was. Sometimes its hard to remember that you’re in Oslo to snowboard when the contest throws a concert party every other night. This place was huge and probably held at least a thousand people on some nights. Got to watch Greg get a beer poured over his head after denying some girl a dance. Don’t worry, he got her back.

Really sick shot of the pipe on finals night. One of the best halfpipes I’ve ever ridden so I sent it as big as a could and ended up in 2nd place! 

Podium with I-Pod and Louie. After chugging half my bottle of champagne I made sure to pour the rest on I-Pods head. 

Fast forward 6 hours and you’ll see Greg, Driscoll, and I feeling like models on the red carpet. This was about an hour before my cab to the airport. Still covered in champagne, I made it on the right flight and ended up back in Denver.

Aspen, USA —> Oslo, Norway

After riding this weekend in Aspen, my car broke down and I sent it all the way to Oslo

Getting the f k out of Aspen.

Rad view of the sunrise/clouds 2 hours before touching down in Oslo. For some reason sleeping on airplanes is not an option so instead I stayed up and watched Crazy Stupid Love(dont judge me), 50/50, the Rum Diaries, Horrible Bosses, and a mind blowing documentary about space by Steven Hawking. I love space and that guy is a genius.

Showed up to Oslo without an idea of where I am going or how I’m getting there. By now I felt like a contestant of the amazing race. Luckily we had a crew, Ellery Hollingsworth, Broc Waring, Brennen Swanson, Elena Height, Kelly Marren and Benji Farrow. So we decided to take a train downtown.

Taking a picture of Elena struggling with her coffee and two bags will last longer than helping her. 

Broc and I back on the train. 

Back at the Amazing Race with the flailing group of american snowboarders trying to find the right bus to the hotel. We couldn’t have seemed more american so I made sure to announce on the bus that we were actually “Canadian”. Seemed to help us get better directions. We finally found our hotel but by then I was too lazy or tired to take anymore pictures and passed out after 30 hours of no sleep. Stoked to be here for the World Snowboarding Championships! Gonna be a rad trip! Check back for more posts

Muscle Milk Pipe Sesh!

Just had an insanely progressive weekend back in Aspen this weekend where Muscle Milk provided me the opportunity to ride a private pipe with Gretchen Bleiler for three days. I was stoked to get some quality time riding a ripping pipe with good weather and without the pressure of having to compete in the next 20 minutes. Sometimes thats what you need to get over the mental blocks of multiple surgeries from the same trick in previous years. Riding with Gretchen is always a blast also, she has an amazing drive that most other female snowboarders don’t posses and an ability to keep the positivity flowing like wine while photographers flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

The lack of snow fall this winter is one thing but only riding icy runs all year is just that extra pinch of salt in the wound. Fortunately we got a few fresh inches which made for some lucsiously soft groomers to sink and edge into for some surf like carves. 

Stayed at the Little Nell downtown. Badass rooms but watch out for the valet service.

Blake Kueny, Me, and Ricky Bower livin like bosses.

Harnessed my inner dragon and tried to start the roof on fire. But found a new way to keep my fingers warm for any future trips to Vermont.

X-Games 2012

Another crazy weekend in Aspen as goes the tradition for X-Games. The most X-treme action, sinful parties, shakin babies and kissing hands, and of course all the young women with great personalities who left there shame and dignity back in Boulder. Gotta thank Nike for setting us up like royalty at the same panty dropping mansion that we’ve stayed in for the past 3 years. Stripper pole in the master bedroom, 6 other bedrooms, kitchens w/ chefs, gym, steam room, theater, the whole she-bang. And she banged. That aside, the riding was pretty out of control as well, multiple triple corks on jumps, Sage Kotsenburg slaying a 2nd place in Slope, front flips on snowmobiles, and Shaun hiring a blind fashion stylist to mirror one of Weezys latest outfits. Fine with me, it only made the rest of us look better. Either way, it was great to ride the pipe there and send some lofty runs. I spent the week working towards some double corks and attempting a double back 12 in finals. Although it wasn’t the ideal way to land that trick, I think I could give Will Ferrel a run for his money when it comes to cannonballs. I can’t be upset with a 5th place though so I made sure to go as big later that night as I did in the contest. Check out some of the photos below!

Muscle Milk

Stoked to be working with these guys. They have really good program going on for me and look forward to progressing their brand in snowboarding while progressing my riding.